Monday, September 7, 2009

Indy Gets Inked

So, to celebrate my new-found freedom, (I totally rid myself the tinman and everything to do with him)I decided to get the tattoo I have been wanting for about 4 years. I know it's rather nerdy, but if you have been reading me for any period of time you would know that I am quite a nerd. My Star Wars and X-men paraphernalia shrine may be posted later.

Indy being a moron, trying to mask my excitement/fear.

Indy, and her artist, Puff, gearing up for the impending inkage.

I get grumpy when men unbutton my jeans

Almost done!


Puff was very professional, which I was hoping for considering he would be camping out by my snatch for a little bit. The piercer kept on hitting on me and telling me how hot it would be to pull down a girl's pants and a goomba be staring at him. He told me that, and every new person that walked in, about fifty times. He brought several people in while I was getting my tattoo done and saying "Isn't that hot". Finally Puff started getting pissed and apologized for his co-workers "Man-whoreness". I like Puff.

I am very happy with Mr.Goomba, and he is healing quite nicely. He is flaking a bit, but the scabbing and swelling was minimal. I love him. I love being single. Indy is well pleased.


  1. Aw. You look so cute I can’t bring myself to make a sarcastic comment.

    This is what being a father does to a man.

  2. Oh, all right. Why didn’t you garotte the piercing guy? You’re getting soft.

  3. LOVE it! Yay for single Indy! :D

  4. "...considering he would be camping out by my snatch for a little bit...."


  5. That's adorable! And addictive btw. Do remember that... I got one on my back. I can't wait for my other 2 that I said I'd never get.

    Welcome to the single life girl! It's fabulous!!!

  6. When I come back in life - I want to be a tattoist!

  7. What, you only want women unbuttoning your jeans?

  8. I don't know Indy. Under the right circumstances that thang could be pretty scary. Then again, in a bikini it'll be killer.

  9. Steve, is that aimed at me or Lerm? You would think you know the answer if you are talking to Lermykins.

    Mr.C, pretty scary is how I roll.

    Thanks to every one who says it is awesome. I love when you guys agree with me!

  10. It was directed at you. Maybe after TinMan, you don't want men getting that close?

    And I like his use of diamond plate and mechanic's tool cart. CLASSY!

  11. hellooo... thats goooooot... lucky girl

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