Monday, September 7, 2009

Indy Gets Inked

So, to celebrate my new-found freedom, (I totally rid myself the tinman and everything to do with him)I decided to get the tattoo I have been wanting for about 4 years. I know it's rather nerdy, but if you have been reading me for any period of time you would know that I am quite a nerd. My Star Wars and X-men paraphernalia shrine may be posted later.

Indy being a moron, trying to mask my excitement/fear.

Indy, and her artist, Puff, gearing up for the impending inkage.

I get grumpy when men unbutton my jeans

Almost done!


Puff was very professional, which I was hoping for considering he would be camping out by my snatch for a little bit. The piercer kept on hitting on me and telling me how hot it would be to pull down a girl's pants and a goomba be staring at him. He told me that, and every new person that walked in, about fifty times. He brought several people in while I was getting my tattoo done and saying "Isn't that hot". Finally Puff started getting pissed and apologized for his co-workers "Man-whoreness". I like Puff.

I am very happy with Mr.Goomba, and he is healing quite nicely. He is flaking a bit, but the scabbing and swelling was minimal. I love him. I love being single. Indy is well pleased.