Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby Idantatia

Whoever let me dress myself should have been shot.

Lermy, look at the lemmings you have created.


  1. at least you are a girl dressed like a girl. Have you seen my pic

  2. You look adorable Indy - if I wasn't slightly familiar with your personality - I would almost say that you look as cute as a button.

    The various shades of pink really help tie that outfit together!!!!

  3. Oh, come on, you look really sweet. Besides, no one thinks pics as a child look embarrassing – you’re below the age of criminal responsibility. It’s those taken in adolescence, where dangerous adventures in hairstyle or clothing take place. And even there it’s only because fashions change, not due to any actual weirdness of character. Well, in most cases anyway.

    The truly brave post pics of themselves when they were at school, like Snowangel, Lermontov and others. *coughs meaningfully*

  4. Are you challenging me, Simon?

    I vaguely remember posting my pictures on journalspace when I was the ripe old age of 16. I was pretty good at weeding out the bad apples. I will see if I can find an embarrassing teen picture....Oh sweet Lord. This is going to be bad.

    Lerm - cute, maybe, but do you see that smirk? I killed the person behind the camera shortly after this was taken.

    Uamada- I believe I am a girl dressed like a clown, but who's checking?

  5. Um… no. But I think Steve or Lerm should. If you have any terrible revenge planned I’d rather it was they who suffered it.

  6. Nah, you were cute as a button for sure. The pigtails and grin negate any wardrobe missteps.

  7. Who knew that one day, you'd grow up to be an evil genius?

    If Simon was as creative as we all assume he was, he would photoshop your photo into one of those police mugshot/lineup backgrounds, with the hash marks on the wall indicating your height.

  8. CUTIE PIE!!! Yeah all our fashion senses was up to sh!t back then.